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feel to donate points to me if you want to. so it can help me get some art from great artists .
and any amount of points will help me. and thanks for your time.

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GamerDragon165's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
. Avatar Name: Drake
(DA ID was made by… to see the full comic go to…
(profile picture was made Anosofa
Species: Black Horn-nose Dragon. (Western)

Age: 230

Birthday : December 7. 1787

gender: male

Feral dragon form: 20 ft tall
Anthro dragon form: 6 ft tall
Chibi dragon form: 2 ft tall

Alternate forms:
Mythical: Draketuar, Goo dragon, Micro Drake, Naga, Scolipede, Charizard, Drakezard, Lugia, Goodra, Snivy, Yoshi, Koopa, Chocobo, Anthro Crocodile, Barufaruku
Non-Mythical: Snake, Orca, Dolphin, Crocodile,

Personality: Compassionate, and modest, but also a bit shy.
Sexually: Straight( mostly)
Vore Role: Switch (Leaning towards prey)
Hobbies: Gamer, Amature Artist,

Likes: Spending time with others, video games, meeting new people, and making new friends.

Dislikes: haters, jerks, bullies, hackers that abuse their skills, loss from friends, and EEEVIL (since a noble brave kind-hearted heroic dragon)

favorite food: Pasta! (not picky eater tho)

favorite music: music from video games

favorite video game: there's so many I can't pick one XD

favorite Art Style: alot
( you can use me with any art style you please if you want to, but with certain type of art styles)

art styles I don't want to be in: inflation,beast Vore, detailed digesting vore,hard vore, digesting Vore(without reformation),humans as my pred , other weird Vore kinds (but oral, tail cock,anal,unbirth, and full tour it's okay with me though), detailed gore, fatal, scat, farting
and I NEVER want any of my OCs get perma vore . [aslo nnote: I may change my mind about something later]

Close Combat Specialist, Mastery of Many Weapons, Draconic Constitution, Hunters Wit, Shapeshifting, reformation/ regeneration (but only 5 times in a month), Minor Gastromancy (control of ones own digestive tracts), and also a very skilled gamer (+1 to reaction time)

Hey there! Nice to meet you I'm Drake the Dragon.
I like to think I am a kind-hearted dragon that loves hanging around, playing games, and even a little training from time to time.
I protect the innocent from anything that might cause them harm (Like goblins and yappy-dogs)…I’m a bit of a mixed personality... When I’m protecting someone, I’m a Noble, and Heroic dragon. But around my friends, even when were rough housing, I’m a friendly rival that encourages my friends to give it their all.
I’m very protective of my friends tho, in some cases I’ll swallow my friends up to keep them safe from harm, as a dragon my body is built to be sturdy, and I learned a little Gastromancy so I could keep my belly from hurting anyone. I don’t normally ingest people (only food: like buffalo wings), when the dangerous is defeated, I always spit them back out, sometimes they come out grumpy tho. XD

and if you want to chat and play video game with me....
feel free to add me here (below here):
xbox live: GamerDragon165
3ds [mii name and friend code] : FC:1564 - 5160 - 0836
Nintendo ID: GamerDragon165
Skype: Drake Vorgon
Google + and google hangouts: Drake the dragon

my friends:
:icondracothedragonfdv: :iconpassyvorex: :icondaraven1: :icondeltoreaneye: :iconl3giarrd: :iconreptainhd: :iconthedragon1246: :iconw3lshy60:

:iconhaldaemon: :iconneontheguilmon: :iconanosofa: :iconlambozilla: :iconmocha-draws: :iconcookieastral: :icondiamondg489: :icondragonwolfblade:

:iconmikel-morell-cordero: :iconbrais-the-armaldo: :iconbyzance123: :iconxxdragongamerxx: :iconbmwu: :iconsuperultramariofan: :iconalejandro10000:

:iconadrianthedragaroo: :iconmasterchronovore: :iconmred2001: :iconthebigman0706: :iconslimedile: :icontheyoshimaster: :iconajxp66:

:iconbigclaudia: :iconfabian-666: :iconyoshilover1000::icondsthewolf: :iconkirphie: :iconsnivypootis: :iconnarutofangirlforever: :iconbrionnes:

:iconcrashvalentine: :iconcrotchbellygeneral:
and I hope to have more friends in the Future

to check out more of my artwork.....
go to my Furffinity page on the link below 
if you want a request done by me.
post the idea here with the refs here

I drawing almost anything. but will not draw the following: breast vore, cock vore , unbirthing , sex, rape, gore, hard vore,  digestion, fatal, scat , fart, inflation, human or human like predators, or humans (can't draw them well).

if I like your idea and I try to draw it. and im sorry it is not done for a long time since I just be busy or sick.
you can even give me some Da points as a tip if you want but you don't have you since my request ae free.
but the points can help me get commissions done by other artist.
so can wait to see your ideas and maybe get them drawn by me.
from your friend, GamerDragon165~

I'm not taking any more request for now.
so wait for request#2

only doing there peoples' request until the next time im doing requests____
:iconjonythedragon: {done}
:iconvoreking69: {done}
:iconcyberdragon5: {done}


passy hits 150k Pageviews
gradz  to my dragon brother :iconpassyvorex: for hitting 150k Pageviews and I hope you get more in the future.

but I just glad people love youyr da page that much and see your great artwork too. ^.=.^
FusionLyrNTen (colored)
my part of the trade that me and :iconsecretbetweenthewar:
so I did a colored version of his  Lycanroc and tentacruel fusion . I did both normal and shiny of this and I think they looks great.
the original sketch is here: secretbetweenthewar.deviantart…

the pokemon fusion belongs to: SecretBetweenTheWar
art belongs to: me (GamerDragon165)
Night In A Frog's Belly
a birthday gift to my friend :iconbmwu:

during a walk though the woods with my pal Brian as it was getting dark. his belly growled as we look at each other and I smile to let him know I was fine being in his frog belly. he slimes before warping his tongue around me and pull me into his maw as he happily gulp his dragon friend down into his gut.
now happy and full Brian hop on a tree branch to get a spot to rest. soon he fall asleep with his Dragon friend inside of his  big and rounded belly. I smile before falling asleep in my frog pal's gut as we both spend the whole night being with each other.

Brian belongs to:  BMWu
Drake (in his belly) and art belong to: Me (GamerDragon165)
Greninja © Nintendo, Game Freak, The Pokemon Company
Mollie the snivy and her brithday meal
a birthday gift for my friend :iconyoshilover1000:

Mollie belongs to: yoshiLover1000
Drake(in her belly) and art belong to: me (GamerDragon165)

snivy (C) Nintendo, Game Freak, The Pokemon Company
A koopa birithday meal
a birthday gift to my good friend :iconajxp66:
 with two versions his birthday gift. the first I was his birthday meal and the other I was his birthday predator.
so happy birthday AJXP66 and I hope you get more gifts while your day will be great as well~ ^.=.^

Daren belongs to: AJXP66
art and Drake(Yoshi form) belongs to: me (GamerDragon165)
koopa trooper (c) Nintendo


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